Specialist plug in to change the character, environment and sound of voices

Accusonus Voice Changer

Specialist plug in to change the character, environment and sound of voices

Christof Baer
Christof Baer
last updated this article on 
January 21, 2022
 and first floated it on 
June 2, 2021
Accusonus Voice Changer

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A monster of a plugin

Accusonus released Voice Changer*, a specialist virtual sound design plugin aimed at media and film composers. With three modules, it claims to easily change the character, environment and effects of voice recordings.

Best known for their range of audio repair plugins, such as ERA, and SFX, and audio libraries for film, TV and media, Accusonus added Voice Changer as a powerful voice processing tool. Voice Changer entails three modules:

  • Character: using presets such as whispering, monster, dragon, ghost or giant, this pitch and timbre module changes the sonic character of plain voice recordings for various movie and TV characters.
  • Environment: this module includes presets which add acoustic virtual spaces to dry studio recordings, with caves, bathrooms, cathedrals, rain storm, stadium, canyon and more included as presets
  • Effect: Filter and EQ effects such as walkie-talkie, radio, vintage-style news broadcasts, and space transmissions are included in this third module

All three modules can be combined, and the dry/wet intensity dialled in per element. Accusons Voice Changes goes beyond presets, as it allows users to create and save custom settings. The UI is designed to be clean, making complex audio manipulations behind the scenes a breeze.

Our View

Accusonus are known for their specialist audio repair tools and audio libraries aimed at the sound design, film and media composition market. For those applications, Voice Changer* adds an easier and quicker way to turn plain voice recordings into colourful characters, from monsters to robots. I am not aware of a similar plugin that packs those specialists functions into one package, with only iZotope Vocalsynth* coming close in my mind.

The Voice Changer UI looks accessible with only three knobs and plenty of presets. So if you currently use pitch shifters, audio repair tools and other complicated effect chains to change voices for film, TV and media, Voice Changer could save hours. With a free trial, I voice my support to give this a go.

However, with only a $4.99 subscription available and no perpetual license, I think it is expensive for a niche application, but you can subscribe only for a month when needed.

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Voice Changer is available subscription only*

  • Voice Changer only: $4.99 per month
  • As part of Creative Suite: $9.99 per month
  • As part of Post-Production Suite: $28.99 per month



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