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About Sonnox

Sonnox is a company known for designing audio processing plugins. The Oxford Plug-Ins by Sonnox are used in various audio applications, ranging from music production and live sound to broadcast, TV & Film, and even niche areas like scientific and forensics projects. The company's history goes back to the 1980s with the creation of the Oxford OXF-R3 digital mixing console. This console, notable for its distinct sound quality, was adopted by several major recording studios. As the shift towards digital workstations in the music industry became more pronounced, it led Sonnox to develop software plugins, starting with the Oxford EQ and Dynamics.

Product Offerings

Sonnox provides a selection of audio plugins for professional audio engineers and producers. Some of their products are:

  • Sonnox Voca: A vocal production tool.
  • Oxford Plug-Ins: Plugins known for processing and control, often used in broadcast production.
  • Oxford EQ and Dynamics: Software inspired by the features of the Oxford OXF-R3 digital mixing console.

Key Features

  • Audio Quality: Sonnox plugins aim to offer reliable sound processing.
  • User Interface: The design of their plugins focuses on user experience.
  • Versatility: Sonnox plugins are designed for a range of audio applications.

Educational Resources

Sonnox has a section dedicated to educational content, which includes videos, artist insights, and tips, intended to assist users in understanding and utilizing their plugins effectively.

Support and Community

For technical assistance or more information about their products, Sonnox has a support section that includes product documentation, FAQs, and access to a customer support team. Users can also stay informed with the latest product news and releases by following Sonnox's official channels.


Sonnox is a company in the audio processing plugin industry, recognized for its designs and audio quality. With roots in the development of the Oxford OXF-R3 digital mixing console, the company has expanded its offerings over the years, providing tools for various audio applications.

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