Waves Lofi Space Review

Waves released a free lofi echo and reverb plugin called Lofi Space for Black Friday 2021

Christof Baer
Christof Baer
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April 28, 2023
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November 25, 2021
Waves Lofi Space Review

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The In-Depth Review

Waves Audio could claim the crown for inventing the plugin. Certainly, the company can be traced to the 1990s, when the release of its Q10 equalizer, followed by the L1 Maximizer, literally created waves in the music industry. Since then, the company has popularised and democratised audio plugins, extending its range to hundreds of plugins. Now, it is famous for collaborations with engineers, such as Chris Lord-Alge that gave birth to the CLA plugin range.

Keeping it low

Lofi Space* is the latest release from Waves Audio, especially created for Black Friday 2021 as a limited free plugin. Lofi Space is a delay and reverb combo, which instantly adds grit and character. The reverb can be toggled between spring and plate, each with different damping characteristics. The delay is internally saturated for extra crunch and brightness.

Waves Audio Lofi Space with a lofi interface and lofi sound

The signal routing first goes into an echo unit. You have plenty of parameters to choose from. First, there is the echo time. The time value changes, depending on three modes:

  1. BPM: Choose the echo time in Beats Per Minute, independent of your DAW host.
  2. Host: This option provides musical note lengths, 1/64 to 1 full beat.
  3. MS: Echo time in milliseconds.

The tempo display helps keep track of your selected values. Next, the strangely named FDBK knob sets the feedback level, in other words how many echo taps you will hear. Finally, you can switch ping pong stereo echo on or off, and set the level.

A reverb unit follows the echo unit. The main adjustments are reverb length and level. You can also choose between spring reverb or plate reverb types. The final section helps shape the effected audio. Select the high pass and low pass frequencies, or dial in an adjustable mono maker.

Not to forget, there is also a mix level from 0% to 100%.

The Test Rig

  • Version Tested: Waves Audio Lofi Space Version
  • Host DAW Software: Apple Logic Pro X 10.71
  • Computer Used: Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, M1, 2020, 16 GB RAM, macOS BigSur

The Pros and Cons


  • Definitely sounds lofi and adds instant character
  • Flexible routing with echo and reverb levels and mix
  • Added high pass, low pass filters and mono maker a bonus
  • Decent range of presets to get you started


  • Can sound a bit harsh
  • The user interface looks very lofi as well

The Verdict

blue five pointed starblue five pointed starblue five pointed starblue five pointed starblue five pointed star

For once, the name says it all. It is lofi. It adds space.

The concept for a start brings a novel take on the over-saturated distortion and reverb/ delay market. Many presets are eminently usable, and tweaking them is a doodle, with a plain but easy to use interface.

On the other side, I found that Waves Lofi Space sounds too aggressive and harsh, even when only slightly dialled in the mix. So, Lofi Space may be too much for some. But then, removing some harshness with the built-in filter, an extra equalizer or a specialist harshness taming plugin, such as Oeksound Soothe, might be the solution to tame the growly space beast.

Get this if you want to add extra grit and character in space.

Don't get this if you prefer a one-stop plugin or an all-round general reverb.

The Price


Waves Audio Lofi Space was available for free during Black Friday weekend 2021 only.

Prices checked on 
September 19, 2022

Discounts, Deals & Demos

Lofi Space is only free for 4 days from 26th November 2021 to 29th November 2021.

Check out the latest deals on Waves plugins*.

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