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Audeze LCD-XC Headphones Review

Can the closed-back version match our 5 star rated Audeze LCD-X headphones?

Baby Audio I Heart NY 2 (IHNY 2) Review

Updated Parallel Compressor plugin from Baby Audio

Audeze LCD-X Headphones Review

Are Audeze one of the best headphones for music and mixing?

Loopcloud 6 Review

How does this AI sample manager stay Always Interesting ?

Waves Lofi Space Review

Waves released a free lofi echo and reverb plugin called Lofi Space for Black Friday 2021

FabFilter Pro Q 3 Review

With EQ plugins in DAWs such as Logic Pro X, FL Studio or Ableton Live powerful and free, we try to answer what Fabfilter Pro Q 3 might offer over and above.

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