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FabFilter is a renowned software company that specializes in creating high-quality audio processing plugins for music production, mixing, and mastering. Founded in 2002, FabFilter has become a go-to choice for professionals and hobbyists alike due to its innovative design, exceptional sound quality, and user-friendly interfaces. In this overview, we'll discuss the company's product offerings, plugin categories, pricing, and more.

Product Offerings

FabFilter offers a wide range of audio plugins designed to meet the needs of various music production tasks. Their product lineup includes equalizers, compressors, synthesizers, and more.

Pro-Q 3

Pro-Q 3 is a powerful and flexible equalizer plugin that offers up to 24 bands, dynamic EQ, surround sound support, and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Pro-C 2

Pro-C 2 is a versatile compressor plugin that provides eight distinct compression styles, advanced side-chain options, and a real-time visual display for easy tweaking.

Pro-L 2

Pro-L 2 is a professional mastering limiter that offers transparent sound, advanced metering, and various limiting algorithms to suit any genre or style.


Pro-R is a high-end algorithmic reverb plugin with natural sound, musical controls, and an innovative decay rate EQ to shape your reverb's character.

Twin 3

Twin 3 is a powerful synthesizer plugin that combines an intuitive user interface with a wide range of modulation options for creating unique and complex sounds.

Plugin Categories

FabFilter plugins are divided into several categories to address different aspects of audio production:

  • Equalizers: Shape the frequency spectrum of your audio with precision and ease.
  • Compressors: Control the dynamics of your audio with powerful and versatile compressors.
  • Limiters: Maximize loudness while maintaining transparency and control.
  • Reverbs: Add depth and space to your mix with high-quality reverb plugins.
  • Synthesizers: Create complex and unique sounds with powerful synthesis tools.


FabFilter offers both individual plugin purchases and bundles that combine multiple plugins at a discounted price. Educational discounts are available for students and teachers.

Support and Tutorials

FabFilter provides extensive support resources for their products, including detailed user manuals, FAQs, and a responsive customer support team. Additionally, FabFilter offers a wealth of video tutorials that cover various aspects of their plugins, making it easy for users to learn and master their tools.

User Reviews and Testimonials

FabFilter has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from both industry professionals and independent users. These can be found on their testimonials page, where users share their experiences with FabFilter products and explain how the plugins have improved their workflow and sound quality.

Free Trial and Demo Versions

FabFilter offers fully functional 30-day trial versions of their plugins, allowing users to test and experience the features before making a purchase. Demo versions are also available, which are identical to the full versions but produce intermittent noise.


FabFilter is a trusted and respected name in the audio industry, offering a diverse range of innovative and high-quality audio plugins for music production, mixing, and mastering. With an emphasis on user-friendly design, exceptional sound quality, and comprehensive support resources, FabFilter continues to be a preferred choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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