FabFilter adds immersive sound, new algorithms, ducking, and IR response import

FabFilter upgrades Pro R reverb to version 2

FabFilter adds immersive sound, new algorithms, ducking, and IR response import

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October 31, 2023
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October 31, 2023
FabFilter Pro R2 Reverb

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FabFilter teases the release of Pro R2 featuring Atmos, new algorithms, convolution reverb and more

Today, FabFilter released a teaser on its YouTube channel announcing the coming release an upgrade to its reverb plugin Pro R. The details are still sketchy, with no information on their website yet. However, what we can spot in the teaser video are the following new features:

  • New algorithms: adding new vintage and plate algorithms.
  • Full immersive Atmos support: mono, stereo, and now multi-channel support.
  • Ducking and Auto Gate: adding signal dependent volume shaping
  • IR import: impulse response import, to add new algorithms to the convolution engine
  • Updated UI: Refreshed user interface

The release has been scheduled for 2nd November 2023. We will update this article as soon as we find out more.

Our View

FabFilter has dominated the EQ plugins for years with its Pro Q 3 plugin, and made a significant impact since releasing the Pro R plugin in 2016.

The new features announced will bring the 7 year old plugin more in line with more recent entrants, such as the Valhalla DSP series known for strong algorithms from Plate, Vintage to Room.

Adding surround or immersive capabilities seem less common but may well be welcome by artists and engineers wanting to add reverb to Atmos or Spatial Audio formats. The only other plugins offering surround that come to mind are iZotope/ Exponential Audio, and Nugen Audio Paragon.

Finally, adding not just a convolution reverb engine to Pro R2, but also the ability to import your own or third party impulse responses, will increase the versatiliy of FabFilter's reverb. We will need to wait and hear after the release how the convolution engine and factory impulse responses compare to the main contender being Altiverb.


No price have been confirmed yet. We anticipate no changes to the current pricing:

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