A simple sampler to bring hidden your hidden samples to life

Rando Sampler by MonkeyC

A simple sampler to bring hidden your hidden samples to life

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February 22, 2024
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February 22, 2024
Rando Sampler

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Rando Sampler: A creative approach to sampling

In the realm of music production, the constant influx of new tools and technologies promises to enhance the creative workflow of producers and sound designers. One such tool that has recently entered the spotlight is Rando, a sampler developed by Dennis de Laat through his company MonkeyC. Rando's premise is simple yet ambitious: to rejuvenate and maximize the potential of producers' existing sample libraries by introducing a degree of randomness and serendipity into the sample selection process. Let's take a look at the features, and evaluate potential benefits, and areas where Rando might fall short.

The interface is dominated by the waveform, keyboard, and the main randomize button.

Overview of Rando

Rando markets itself as a lightweight creative tool rather than a comprehensive sampler solution. Its main selling point is the ability to randomize sample selection from a user's library, thereby encouraging exploration and utilization of previously neglected sounds. In addition to randomization, Rando provides functionalities such as sample filtering by text, type, and category, automatic tuning of tonal samples, time-stretching of rhythmic samples, and a suite of sampler playback controls and effects.


  • Randomizing Sampler: While the concept of introducing randomness into sample selection is intriguing, the effectiveness of this feature largely depends on the quality and organization of the user's existing sample library. For users with meticulously curated libraries, Rando could offer new creative pathways. However, for those with less organized collections, the randomness could potentially lead to a frustrating experience.
  • Sample Manipulation Tools: The automatic tuning and time-stretching features are practical, potentially saving time in the initial phases of a project. Yet, the uniqueness of these features is not particularly striking, as similar functionalities are available in various DAWs and standalone samplers.
  • Playback and Effects Controls: Offering detailed control over sample playback and including global effects like Filter, Chorus, Distortion, Crush, Delay, and Reverb, Rando appears to equip users with a robust toolkit for sound manipulation. However, the quality and uniqueness of these effects in comparison to what's already available in the market remain to be seen, and importantly heard.
  • Sequencer with Randomizing Function: This feature could be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it promises to enhance creativity by generating unexpected patterns; on the other, it could potentially introduce an element of unpredictability that might not always align with the producer's vision.

Our View

Rando presents an interesting concept to freshen up the traditional sample selection process. The software reminded me a little bit of the Torso Eletronics S-4, a sample based creative hardware engine due for release soon.

Rando's focus on randomness and discovery could lead to fresh creative outputs. Its true effectiveness and utility remain to be seen, as these will depend on the user's workflow, the quality of their sample engine, and how Rando integrates with your existing setup. Rando is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and not meant to replace any built-in DAW sampler plugins, or established all-round software samplers like Native Instruments Kontakt 7.

Unfortunately MonkeyC does not offer a trial version, so you have to decide whether to shell out at least $49 on the strengths of the videos alone. I hope the company remedies this soon.


MonkeyC Rando Sampler Pricing:

  • Introductory Price: $49 (from 22 February to 2 April 2024)
  • Full Price: $69



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