Plugin for Dynamic Bass Production

Excite Audio Bloom Bass

Plugin for Dynamic Bass Production

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Excite Audio Bloom Bass

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Introduction to Bloom Bass Impulse

Excite Audio has released Bloom Bass Impulse, a new software instrument targeting electronic music producers and sound designers. This tool integrates a wide range of bass sounds and synthesis options into a single plugin, supporting VST, AU, and AAX formats.

Comprehensive Features for Versatile Bass Production

Bloom Bass Impulse offers an array of features intended to facilitate the creation of diverse bass lines across various music genres. From the deep tones of sub-bass to the aggressive timbres of distorted bass, the plugin is equipped to handle the needs of genres like Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Tech, among others.

Key Functionalities

  • Diverse Sound Library: The plugin includes modern synth bass loops, samples, and one-shots, aiming to cater to a broad spectrum of musical styles.
  • Dynamic Sound Manipulation: Users can blend different bass styles, shape sounds with expressive modulation, and create sequences using the plugin's extensive sound library.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Bloom Bass Impulse is designed with a user-friendly interface that includes four macro controls for quick tonal adjustments and an Edit page that provides deep customization options.

The Edit Page: A Closer Look

The Edit Page is a central feature of Bloom Bass Impulse, offering detailed control over sound customization. It allows users to adjust sample start and end points, modify playback directions, and tweak pitch settings. Additional features include:

  • Sample Manipulation: Users can set playback modes such as forwards, backwards, and loop, and adjust playback speed.
  • Effect Modulation: The plugin includes bespoke effects like Saturation, Filter, and Reverb, which can be modulated to enhance the bass sounds.

The plugin requires an internet connection for authorization and is compatible with macOS (10.15 or higher) and Windows (7 or higher). It supports both 64-bit systems and multiple DAWs, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro.

Our View

In assessing Bloom Bass Impulse, it's clear that Excite Audio has designed a comprehensive tool that bridges the gap between complex sound design and user-friendly operations. However, while the extensive feature set is impressive, potential users should consider whether the specific sound capabilities align with their production needs.

The plugin's emphasis on customizable bass sounds and the integration of multiple effects modules make it a potentially valuable addition to any producer's toolkit, especially those focusing on genres requiring detailed bass sound manipulation. However, its utility will ultimately depend on individual user requirements and the specific characteristics of the music they intend to produce.

We encourage potential users to explore the demo version, if available, to fully assess the plugin's capabilities within their own production environments.


Bloom Bass Impulse is now available for purchase with several pricing options, reflecting different user needs:

  • Introductory Offer: The plugin is priced at £39 / €39 / $39, a 33% discount off the MSRP of £59 / €59 / $59.
  • Rent-to-Own: An alternative pricing option is available at £3.29 / €3.29 / $3.29 per month for 12 months under a rent-to-own scheme.
  • Crossgrade and Bundles: Discounts are also offered for existing customers and in bundled software packages.
  • Try Bloom Bass Impulse: Experience its features firsthand through the demo or explore purchase options at Plugin Boutique.



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