FabFilter adds new interface, filter, tap delays, and lofi effects

FabFilter Timeless 3 released

FabFilter adds new interface, filter, tap delays, and lofi effects

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Fabfilter Timeless 3

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Timeless 2 wasn't timeless after all

FabFilter didn't let us wait long. After the release of a teaser video a few days ago, the update of their delay plugin to Timeless 3 was released today.

This upgrade brings FabFilter TImeless 3 in line with the dark design aesthetic that FabFilter has now adopted for all its more recently updated plugins, such as Pro Q 3 and Pro R.

The following features are new or improved:

  • Improved interface: FabFilter claims this is simplified and easier to use than Timeless 2, adopting the dark FabFilter theme, including full screen mode, curve control for envelope generators, live visualisation of modulation targets and sources (drag and drop)
  • New effects: Drive, Lo-Fi, Diffuse, Dynamics and Pitch effects can be added to delays
  • New filters: Up to 6 filters, in original, vintage LP/HP/BP or Bell/Shelf/Notch flavours
  • New tap delays: Tap designer with patterns up to 16 taps, which can be modulated individually

FabFilter also claims to have improved sound quality, specifically when it comes to feedback, filters and saturation.

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Our View

The addition of a new cleaner, darker interface in Timeless 3 is certainly welcome because the usability makes FabFilter stand out from the crowd. FabFilter just gets this right, as we shared in our 5 star FabFilter Pro Q3 review.

With prices staying the same, Timeless 3 is still one of the most expensive delay plugins, compared with other quality delays, such as Valhalla DSP Delay at $50 or Soundtoys Echoboy*, bought in a sale as low as $29. So I will wait until I can try FabFilter TImeless 3 for myself, to give a recommendation whether it is good value for money to buy or upgrade.

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Full Price: $129*

Upgrade from Timeless 2: $65

Typically FabFilter offers a 50% discount for major updates, such as this one, from version 2 to 3. FabFilter confirmed there will be a grace period for recent buyers who can upgrade for free. Just log into your account to see your personal upgrade price.

We have also a special article to help you find the cheapest way to buy FabFilter, including buying plugins used via license transfer, and student/education discounts of 50%.



Overview of FabFilter Timeless 3

Pre-Release Teaser Video

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