Learn mixing, EQ, compression and more from FabFilter

FabFilter launches Learn program

Learn mixing, EQ, compression and more from FabFilter

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May 14, 2023
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February 26, 2022
FabFilter launches Learn program

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FabFilter launches Learn, to help beginners and experts learn about mixing, equalisation, compression and more.

To start with, the Dutch company introduced the following learning modules:


  1. Introduction to EQ
  2. Frequency range characteristics
  3. Linear phase EQ


  1. Introduction to compression
  2. Basic compressor controls
  3. Compression techniques: bus, parallel and mix bus
  4. Side chain compression


  1. Introduction to reverb
  2. Basic reverb controls
  3. How to use reverb?


  1. Mixing a song: where to start?
  2. How to use automation?
  3. Creating a Sound Stage

The Science of Sound

  1. Wave theory: The basics
  2. Phase: What is it and why does it matter?
  3. Timbre: understanding and crafting complex sounds
  4. Sound localization
  5. Perception of frequency and loudness

FabFilter also included 29 videos in their Learn section.

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Our View

The content is not specific to FabFilter users but looks valuable for anyone interested in learning more about music producing and mixing. It looks well written, and useful for both beginners and more advanced producers and engineers.

It is a good start but obviously not as comprehensive yet as other brands are already offering, such as the excellent iZotope Learning academy. I hope FabFilter creates more videos in the future. This would make it easier to see and hear what they teach in writing. It would also make it easier for non native English speakers to better learn. Expanding into other topics such as Mastering, Limiting, and Saturation would also be welcome.

I applaud FabFilter to provide these free valuable lessons, and look forward how FabFilter Learn will expand and develop over time.


FabFilter Learn is free to use.

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