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UVI is a French software company that specializes in creating high-quality virtual instruments, effects, and sound libraries for musicians and sound designers. The company's products offer a wide range of sounds and instruments, from vintage synths and acoustic instruments to cutting-edge electronic sounds and textures.

UVI's flagship product, the UVI Workstation, is a powerful software sampler and multi-timbral instrument that can load a variety of virtual instruments and sound libraries. The company also offers a range of standalone virtual instruments and effects, such as Falcon, a powerful hybrid instrument that combines sampling, synthesis, and effects processing.

One of UVI's most popular products is the Vintage Vault 3, a comprehensive collection of vintage synths and keyboards, drum machines, and other classic electronic instruments. The company has also collaborated with various instrument makers and musicians to create a range of unique and innovative virtual instruments, such as the Key Suite Electric, a collection of classic electric keyboard sounds created in collaboration with keyboardist and producer David Sancious.

UVI's products are widely used by musicians, composers, and sound designers in a variety of genres, from electronic and pop music to film and video game scoring. With their high-quality sound and versatile features, UVI's virtual instruments and effects are a valuable addition to any music production setup.

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