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Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) is a leading developer of software instruments and sound libraries for music production, post-production, and game audio. Founded in 1998, AAS has gained a reputation for creating high-quality, physically modeled virtual instruments that deliver realistic and expressive sounds. In this overview, we'll discuss the company's product offerings, technology, sound libraries, and more.

Product Offerings

AAS offers a range of software instruments that cater to various musical genres and production needs. Some of their most popular products include:


Chromaphone is a versatile software synthesizer that uses physical modeling to simulate the behavior of acoustic resonators, allowing for a wide variety of unique and expressive sounds.

Strum GS-2

Strum GS-2 is a virtual guitar instrument that combines physical modeling and MIDI pattern libraries, providing an authentic and dynamic playing experience.

Lounge Lizard EP-4

Lounge Lizard EP-4 is an electric piano plugin that accurately recreates the sound and feel of classic electric pianos, such as the Rhodes and Wurlitzer.

Ultra Analog VA-3

Ultra Analog VA-3 is a virtual analog synthesizer that combines powerful sound shaping capabilities with a straightforward user interface.


AAS uses physical modeling synthesis in their instruments to recreate the complex interactions between an instrument's components, resulting in highly realistic and expressive sounds. This technology enables users to have more control over the nuances of their sound, leading to greater creative possibilities.

Sound Libraries

In addition to their software instruments, AAS offers a wide range of sound libraries designed for use with their products. These libraries cover various genres, such as ambient, cinematic, electronic, and more, and are crafted by professional sound designers to provide inspiration and enhance the user's sonic palette.

Support and Community

AAS provides extensive support resources for their products, including documentation, video tutorials, and a knowledgeable customer support team. Users can also join the AAS community forum to share tips, techniques, and discuss their favorite AAS instruments.


Applied Acoustics Systems is a leading developer of software instruments and sound libraries that utilize physical modeling synthesis to create realistic and expressive sounds. With a range of products covering various musical genres and applications, AAS offers musicians and producers the tools they need to create distinctive and high-quality audio.

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