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KORG is a multinational corporation known for its innovative and high-quality electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, and music production equipment. Founded in 1963 in Japan, KORG has a long-standing history of creating groundbreaking products that have shaped the world of electronic music. In this overview, we'll discuss the company's product offerings, software solutions, user community, and more.

Product Offerings

KORG offers a diverse range of musical instruments and equipment designed for various music production, live performance, and sound design tasks. Some of their most popular products include:


KRONOS is a powerful and versatile music workstation that combines synthesis, sampling, and sequencing capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for music production and performance.


minilogue is a compact and affordable analog synthesizer that offers a unique combination of powerful sound creation and intuitive controls, making it perfect for musicians and producers of all levels.

volca series

The volca series is a lineup of compact and portable synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers, designed for hands-on music production and live performance.

KORG Gadget

KORG Gadget is an all-in-one music production software suite that offers a collection of virtual instruments and effects, a powerful sequencer, and seamless DAW integration.

Software Solutions

In addition to their hardware products, KORG also develops software applications for music production, synthesis, and performance. Some of their software solutions include:

  • KORG Collection: A suite of virtual instruments that accurately reproduces the sound and functionality of classic KORG synthesizers.
  • iWAVESTATION: A software recreation of the iconic WAVESTATION synthesizer, offering advanced wave sequencing and vector synthesis capabilities.

User Community and Support

KORG has a large and active user community that can be found on their community forum. The forum is a hub for users to exchange ideas, share tips and tricks, and discuss KORG products.

In addition to the user community, KORG provides extensive support resources for their products, including product manuals, video tutorials, software updates, and a dedicated customer support team.


KORG is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, and music production equipment. With a diverse range of products and a long-standing history of groundbreaking innovations, KORG continues to shape the world of electronic music and inspire musicians, producers, and sound designers worldwide.

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