miniKORG 700S, Prophecy and Triton Extreme emulations added

Korg Collection 3

miniKORG 700S, Prophecy and Triton Extreme emulations added

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Korg Collection 3

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The legends keep coming

In 2004, KORG released the KORG Legacy Collection, designed to recreate the company’s most famous synthesizers in software. The KORG Collection was renewed in 2017, and further expanded in 2019 with the addition of the TRITON as Korg Collection 2.

Two years later, KORG Collection 3 introduces three new software recreations to set:

  • miniKORG 700S: KORG's first mass-produced analog synthesizer
  • Korg Prophecy: a digital synth from the 90s that at the time used a ground breaking DSP
  • Korg Triton Extreme: vacuum tube-equipped premium version of the Triton series.

The miniKORG 700S is a reproduction of the original analog mono synth from the 1970s. More recently, Korg reincarnated the hardware with the release of the miniKORG 700FS*, which is also fully analog. The software emulation however seems to follow the original vintage version from the 1970s.

Cutting edge digital signal processing technology defined the KORG Prophecy. Using DSP technology previously used in effect units, Korg turned the Prophecy polyphonic. The synth tends to produce modern sounds better than analog emulations.

The TRITON Extreme is the most powerful model in the series, featuring the first-ever vacuum tubes in a music workstation, and most waveform expansions. This combination allows digital sound generation to impart more analog-like sounds thanks to the vacuum tubes.

All other instruments and effects included in Korg Collection 2 are still included, of course:

  • ARP Odyssey
  • MS-20
  • Polysix
  • Mono/Poly
  • M1
  • Wavestation
  • MDE-X Effects Unit

Our View

Having owned the Korg Legacy bundle for many years, I was interested in discovering what the 3 new additions might bring. I use the Korg M1 emulation a lot in my productions - the pianos are such a classic house piano sound that cuts through the mix.

In my experience, the emulations are high quality, so I don't doubt the new additions will match that. What seems to be working well is what KORG called CMT (Component Modelling Technolog). CMT uses digital models at the component level used in analog products, like transistors, capacitors, and resistors. This may well contribute to the dynamic and complex interactions of components that make the much loved character of the original analog synthesizers.

So would I recommend the Korg Collection 3? The quality is high, and the bundle offers a range of classic and more modern digital and analog emulations with timeless presets heard on many records. The introductory price to $299 is still not cheap, but you get a lot for this. Individual plugins are a great way to selectively choose what you like best, in particular during the introductory sale, giving 50% off.

But what about alternatives? The obvious alternative is Arturia V Collection 8, which at $599 is $200 more expensive than the Korg Collection 3. But bear in mind Arturia tends to offer 50% off during Black Friday and has a much wider range of software instruments included.

So I would recommend you look at Korg Collection 3 and use the trial, which allows you to use the instruments for 20 mins at a time.

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Korg has an introductory offer from 29 July to 12 August 2021, which provides 33% off to $299 for the complete Korg Collection 3, and 50% individual plugins.

Korg Collection 3

  • Full Price: $399
  • Introductory Price: $299 (33% off)
  • Rent-to-Own: $15.99 per month for 25 months on Splice*

miniKORG 700s, Prophecy

  • Full Price: $199 each
  • Introductory Price: $99 each (50% off)

TRITON Extreme

  • Full Price: $249
  • Introductory Price: $199 (20% off)

ARP Odyssey, MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, Wavestation

  • Full Price: $99 each
  • Introductory Price: $49 each (50% off)


  • Full Price: $49
  • Introductory Price: $24.99 (50% off)



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