Native Instruments and Sonuscore add more creative control and 30GB new phrases

More action with Action Strings 2

Native Instruments and Sonuscore add more creative control and 30GB new phrases

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Action Strings 2

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Keyboard, Action !

Just like a movie sequel, Native Instruments* released a sequel to their Action Strings instrument. Action Strings 2* follows the same plot as Action Strings 1. The Kontakt Player instrument is centred on musical string phrases, which you can transpose, dynamically change and manipulate in the instrument to fit your composition.

The main cast in the library production stayed the same. Sonuscore directed the Hungarian Studio Orchestra to record now 30GB of phrases, and programmed the phrases into a usable Action Strings 2 instrument. Not only is the library vastly larger, new functionality claims to make compositions easier and more flexible than before.

The library includes 2 ensembles, low and high, capturing violin, viola, cello and bass, which can be combined for varying timbres.

New features in Action Strings 2 include

  • Live Modules: chop up and tweak recorded mini phrases for more flexibility, yet more realistic phrases than single sample libraries
  • Phrase Editor: change pitch, volume and rhythm more flexibly
  • Melody Mode/ Arpeggiator Mode: quickly change the pitch of musical phrases or spread out chords as arpeggios
  • MIDI Export: drag and drop musical phrases into your DAW to create editable phrases
  • Freeplay mode: play individual samples and change articulations on the fly using your MIDI controllers
  • 5 Mic Positions: five mic positions offer varying amounts of room sound - including close, spot, tree and far mics
  • Effects: Built in impulse response reverb and EQ

Our View

Action Strings 2* is certainly a niche product targeted at media composers looking for quick yet realistic ways to create musical sketches and demos for fast string phrases. The new features look enticing for those who are after more flexibility with more dynamic and flexible musical phrases but are certainly not an impulse buy at the full or upgrade price.

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Full Price: $299*

Update for Action Strings 1 owners: $199*




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