Cheapest ever Antares Auto-Tune subscription, for $24.99 a year

Auto-Tune Essentials: new cheaper Auto Tune subscription

Cheapest ever Antares Auto-Tune subscription, for $24.99 a year

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Auto-Tune Essentials

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New Auto-Tune Essentials*, the cheapest ever Auto Tune subscription

Available for $24.99 a year, equivalent to $2.08 a month, the new entry-level subscription includes Autotune Access, Duo, Mic Mod, and Auto-Key 2 plugins.

  • Auto-Tune Access: provides the most beginner-friendly way to produce natural-sounding or dramatic pitch corrections.
  • Duo: enables realistic vocal doubling to create lusher, fuller-sounding vocals quickly.
  • Mic Mod: is a plug-in that emulates the sounds of over 100 classic microphones.
  • Auto-Key 2: is designed to automatically detect an audio track's key, scale, and tempo.

Purchased separately, this collection of plugins retails at $326. This means you can subscribe for 13 years, and subscription is still cheaper than buying the plugins.

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Collage of plugin screen shot with Auto Tune Access, Mic Mod, Duo, and Auto Key 2.

Our View

We are not huge fans of the subscription model generally. However, we welcome Antares adding a dramatically cheaper option to buy into the original pitch correction eco-system, Auto-Tune. Compared to the existing Auto-Tune Producer and Auto-Tune Ultimate subscriptions, the subscription costs 75% less than the Producer package, the previous cheapest subscription tier.

The Autotune Essentials* bundle includes a sensible and useful selection of plugins. We suspect that most prospective buyers will be interested in Auto-Tune Access. Auto-Tune Access retails for $99 as a standalone perpetual license, but you can frequently pick up the plugin for $49. Compared to the new subscription tier, $49 pays for 2 years of Auto-Tune Essentials subscription. While you never own the plugins, you will benefit from not just the 3 additional plugins included, you will also get free updates during those 2 years.

Overall, this subscription will be very popular and attract many new customers to take out an Auto-Tune subscription.


Auto-Tune Subscriptions

Auto-Tune Perpetual Licenses

  • Auto-Tune Access*: $99 full price | $49 sale price
  • Duo*: $99 full price | $49 sale price | $43 cheapest price at Thomann*
  • Mic Mod*: $99 full price | $49 sale price | $43 cheapest price at Thomann*
  • Auto-Key 2*: $99 full price | $49 sale price | $43 cheapest price at Thomann*



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