A Deep Dive into Bitwig Studio 5: New Features, Editions, and More

Bitwig Studio 5 DAW Update

A Deep Dive into Bitwig Studio 5: New Features, Editions, and More

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Bitwig Studio 5 DAW

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The highly anticipated Bitwig Studio 5 has been officially unveiled, much to the excitement of music professionals and enthusiasts across the globe. Coming from Bitwig, an international music software company based in Berlin, the release of Bitwig Studio 5 introduces a range of innovative features and enhanced capabilities.

Perhaps the most impressive upgrade lies in the modulation system of Bitwig Studio 5. Modulators are no longer limited to devices. Instead, they can interact with mixer and project controls, taking the scope of musical experimentation to a new level. The ability to control track- and project-level parameters introduces innovative possibilities for live performances, giving users more creative control over their music production process.

The software also comes with a slew of other enhancements including:

  • Five different MSEGs (Multi-Segment Envelope Generators)
  • New capabilities for the Clip Launcher
  • An overhauled browser
  • The inclusion of a pop-out window feature to expand modulators

The MSEG feature stands out with its ability to draw custom signals for envelopes, automation shapes, looping patterns, oscillator curves, and more, significantly broadening the creative possibilities.

Alongside the technical improvements, Bitwig Studio 5 introduces a new sound package called "Freeform." This package, built around the concept that any shape can make a sound, includes curves for MSEG devices, wavetables for the Wavetable LFO, and various presets for instruments and FX. Freeform aims to demonstrate that curves can indeed do virtually anything, providing over 100 presets that include MSEGs and Wavetable LFOs for a variety of Bitwig instruments.

The release also comes with a new demo song, "Hey Now," by rising South African bass music artist Chee. This song serves as an excellent showcase of Bitwig Studio 5's capabilities, highlighting the power of its MSEG modulators, Spectral Suite, and custom drum synths.

Our View

Comparatively, the change from Bitwig 4 to Bitwig 5 don't seem to be that substantial. With a focus on enhanced modulations, Bitwig 5 provides more flexibility and control to users. This opens up new creative avenues, especially for live performances. These changes continue to position Bitwig 5 not just as a regular DAW, but as a modular environment where the user has an unprecedented degree of control over their music, letting their imagination run wild.

Yet, as promising as Bitwig Studio 5 sounds, it is not without potential pitfalls. With the introduction of many complex features, the learning curve for new or casual users could be steeper than before.

If you want to experience Bitwig Studio 5's innovative features yourself, you can download the free trial and explore the upgraded DAW yourself.


Bitwig Studio 5 is now available for download. You can start your journey with a free trial from the Bitwig website, giving you firsthand experience of the new features.

Simultaneously with the release of Bitwig Studio 5, the company introduced two new editions: Bitwig Studio Essentials and Bitwig Studio Producer. These editions provide a curated version of Bitwig Studio's feature set, allowing customers to choose the version that best fits their needs.

Pricing for the new editions is as follows (in USD):

  • Bitwig Studio: $399
  • Bitwig Studio Essentials: $99
  • Bitwig Studio Producer: $299



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