New module to saturate, distort and dynamically modulate your sound

Cableguys DriveShaper distortion module

New module to saturate, distort and dynamically modulate your sound

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January 21, 2022
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Cableguys DriveShaper

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A distorted reality is taking shape

Cableguys released a new distortion and saturation module called DriveShaper. The plugin offers multi-band distortion found in plugins such as FabFilter Saturn. You can just apply any of its 10 distortion types statically, or dynamically automate in your DAW. But where DriveShaper offers something different is dynamic modulation. Through its visual interface and various curves & timing options known from the Cableguys Shaperbox series, DriveShaper makes rhythmic changes look easy.

DriverShaper features include:

  • 10 distortion types: Soft/ Hard Clip, Soft/ Hard Square, Soft/ Hard Rectify, 4 wave folding algorithms
  • Multi-band distortion: Different distortion modulation can be applied to 3 frequency spectra
  • MIDI trigger: LFO curves can be changed dynamically via MIDI triggers
  • User curves: 9 user presets can be stored
  • Envelope follower: Use the incoming signal to modulate distortion levels
  • LFO modulation: can be set to bars, beats and frequency - from 32 bars to 1/128 notes
  • Presets: a range of presets are included

Cableguys quotes many well known musicians and producers who apparently use DriverShaper: Zedd, The Chainsmokers, Richard Devine, Jordan Rudess, Rik Simpson, BT, Andrew Scheps, and others.

Available as a standalone plugin, Cableguys DriverShaper is also added for free in the Cableguys Shaperbox plugin. The German software house has steadily grown their range of modulation options in Shaperbox, which now includes 7 modulators in Shaperbox 2: Time, Drive, Filter, Crush, Pan, Volume, Width.

Our View

There are so many free and paid options of saturation and distortion available on the market, it is hard to get excited about yet another distortion plugin. But Cableguys has found a combination of dynamic modulation, multi-band distortion, and various algorithms, worth a closer look.

Cableguys offer a free trial worth checking out. Compared to more expensive options, such as FabFilter Saturn 2, the price for the standalone version looks reasonable if you want to add multi-band distortion or make rhythmic changes easier compared to automating yourself in the DAW. And if you are an existing user of the Shaperbox bundle, this is a free update.

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Standalone: Cableguys DriverShaper costs €39/ $44 as standalone plugin.

Bundle: DriveShaper included in the Shaperbox 2 bundle for €89/$99, together with 6 other modules, and a free update for existing Shaperbox owners.

Trial/Demo: Cableguys offers a free, time unlimited trial of DriverShaper, with limitations of only one instance per song and not being able to save settings.



Overview of Cableguys DriverShaper

How to use Cableguys DriveShaper

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