Lifeline Expanse - a new multi-effect from Excite Audio

Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse adds life

Lifeline Expanse - a new multi-effect from Excite Audio

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Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse

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Who needs distorted spatial effects?

Lifeline Expanse* is a new multi-effect plugin from Excite Audio. Lifeline Expanse brings together re-amping, distortion, and spatial effects. Lifeline Expanse gives additional control and flexibility via its modular signal flow, allowing users to rearrange the signal chain. In addition, Excite Audio added a multi-band functionality to the Full version (called the Advanced Mode) to Lifeline Expanse*, enabling the splitting into 3 multi-bands for each module.

Lifeline Expanse* includes the following modules

  1. Re-amp: A range of speaker emulations, from classic recording equipment to modern-day devices. From a Gameboy and vintage 8-track recorder to high definition monitors and an electric guitar cabinet, you can dial in lofi to hifi. Excite Audio went a step further, with modifications of age, drive, tone and mix of each element.
  2. Dirt: Dirt’s four algorithms add distortion, saturation, harmonics and noise. From gentle tape or tube saturation, to adding lots of grit, the range is covered.
  3. Format: Reduce the bit-depth and sample rate, change the resolution of the signal’s peaks, or go crazy into corrupted digital MP3.
  4. Width: Width adds movement to the stereo field, through several streamlined parameters.
  5. Space: Drawing inspiration from classic reverb functions, Space focuses on four different algorithms that each offer a wide spectrum of depth and time manipulation.

The plugin comes in two versions, Full* and Lite*. Both plugins come with the same 5 modules and all 20 algorithms. The differences are in the number of presets and simulations: Full has 250 presets (Lite: 75), and 8 speaker simulations (Lite: 4). In addition, the full Lifeline Expanse adds advanced functions such as Gain and Effect Multiband functionality, mic placements, drive/ bass/noise controls, width controls, and phase correlation meter.

Our View

When I thought I had seen it all, here is yet another combination of well served effects, squeezed into one new plugin. This time, new software outfit Excite Audio decided to combine re-amping with distortion and width/space effects. I have never used distortion/amping before spatial effects in my productions, I think so the concept sounds nice.

But a brief trial convinced me otherwise. The drum presets instantly added some nice compression and character to drum loops, and the spatial and room effects really sounded lush on keyboards. So I would recommend anyone interested in Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse to download the trial version*.

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Lifeline Expanse*

  • Introductory Price (until 17th October 2021): £39.95 / €49 / $49 - exclusively available at Plugin Boutique*
  • Full Price: £49.95 / €59 / $59

Lifeline Expanse Lite*

  • Introductory Price (until 17th October 2021): £24.95 / €29 / $29 - exclusively available at Plugin Boutique*
  • Full Price: £29.95 / €39 / $39



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