Goodhertz Tupe merges Tube and Tape into one distortion effect plugin

Goodhertz Tupe merges Tube and Tape

Goodhertz Tupe merges Tube and Tape into one distortion effect plugin

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January 21, 2022
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August 20, 2021
Goodhertz Tupe (Tape + Tube) Distortion

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How good is Goodhertz' new saturation plugin?

Goodhertz Tupe merges Tube and Tape into one distortion effect plugin. The maker of Vulf compressor took inspiration from 1960s tube compressors into tape machines signal chains, as used in Motown and Abbey Road studios.

Features include:

  • Nine tube circuit models
  • Four analog tape models
  • Opto compressor/limiter
  • Bias controls for tube and tape for harmonic control
  • Ladder filter with slope and resonance, up to self-oscillation
  • Filter can be switched to pre saturation to filter input signal before saturation
  • Tilt equalizer to adjust frequency balance
  • Input drive
  • HQ mode

Our View

I asked myself why the world needs another distortion plugin, one where a tube and tape model are fused into one. Listening to the video, it seems Goodhertz Tupe offers a wider range of options, from subtle tape saturation to brutal tube distortion in one neat package. The ladder and tilt filter add another dimension to shape your sound. So with so many options already available on the market, including Soundtoys*, Izotope*, and Goodhertz Tupe, not particularly cheap at $129, I would certainly recommend downloading the 30 day free trial before splashing out.

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Goodhertz Tupe: $129



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