Version 2 provides an advanced AI MIDI tool, new modes and algorithms

WA Production InstaComposer 2: Updated MIDI Creation Tools

Version 2 provides an advanced AI MIDI tool, new modes and algorithms

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WA Production InstaComposer 2

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InstaComposer 2: An Evolution in MIDI Tools

W.A. Production, renowned for crafting creative plugins that simplify studio-quality processing, has launched InstaComposer 2. This advanced AI MIDI tool is the successor to the popular InstaComposer plugin, taking it to new heights with many new features and improvements.

InstaComposer 2 is designed to be the ultimate musical muse, providing infinite inspiration at the core of its design. It is an advanced MIDI generation plugin designed to simplify and speed up music creation, building upon the solid foundation of W.A. Production's popular InstaComposer.

The new version introduces features such as:

  • The ability to organize ideas and song parts with eight new 'scenes'
  • Upgraded Scale support with 22 additional scales
  • A new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus to assist with scale and chord selection
  • Melodies can now be generated in different modes and paired with unique chord progressions for each scale

InstaComposer 2 also adds two new-generation modes to its name, Drums, and Pad 2, enabling effortless generation of drum lines and facilitating the creation of a fuller, richer sound. The AI algorithms have been further improved for rhythm, phrase, and melody generation, conjuring more refined results.

The tool generates a unique result with each new starting point, ensuring users never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities for their compositions. Unlike random note generation, InstaComposer 2 employs meticulously crafted algorithms and databases to produce musical ideas. It constructs correct rhythmic and melodic structures by mimicking human creativity, selecting notes that fit the given scale and context, and creating cohesive phrases that complement underlying chords.

Our View

InstaComposer 2 certainly brings a lot to the table, but it's important to consider its offerings in context. While the tool's new features and improvements seem promising, the real value of InstaComposer 2 will be determined by its practical application and user feedback.

We encourage musicians to take advantage of the 14-day, fully-functional trial to assess the tool's capabilities firsthand. It's also worth comparing InstaComposer 2 with other MIDI tools on the market, such as Tone Empire's Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle, to ensure it offers good value for money.


InstaComposer 2 is available now with the following pricing options:

  • Introductory promo price of $32.70 until August 17, 2023
  • Regular price of $109.00 after August 17, 2023
  • Upgrade from the original InstaComposer to InstaComposer 2 for only USD 10.00

A 14-day, fully-functional trial version is also available for free.

For more information, visit the W.A. Production website. Watch W.A. Production's informative introductory video for InstaComposer 2 here.



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