Music for Peace: Erica Synths donates all income of 6 modules to Ukraine Charity

Support Ukraine by buying Erica Synths

Music for Peace: Erica Synths donates all income of 6 modules to Ukraine Charity

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February 19, 2023
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February 28, 2022
Music for Peace: Erica Synths donates all income to Ukraine Charity

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Music for Peace: Erica Synths donates all income from eight synth modules to Ukraine Humanitarian Charity

Erica Synths, the Latvian creator of Syntrx, Black System III and Bassline, announced it will donate all of the income on sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organisations helping in Ukraine.

Donations will be made via the biggest charity agency in Latvia: In order to maintain full transparency, Erica Synths will inform the public about the donations made. This campaign, called Music for Peace, will involve the following instruments: Black Digital Noise, Black Dual EG/LFO, Sequential Switch II & Snazzy FX - Mini Ark, Wow & Flutter, Tracer City.

Music for Peace will be ongoing until all stock is sold out.

Only a few days in, as 3rd March 2022 already nearly €20,000 has been raised. Not stopping there, Erica Synths also added two more modules to the campaign: Graphic VCO and Plasma Drive.

Erica Synths Graphic VCO and Plasma Drive

The other modules included in Music for Peace are:

Erica Synths Black Digital Noise

Erica Synths Black Digital Noise module

The Black Digital Noise is a unique noise module that makes wide range of noise effects; almost pure white noise, Atari console-like one bit noise and other crazy, more or less predictable sounds. At the heart of the module is a programmable logic matrix that includes two linear feedback shift registers that generate polynomial noise effects.

Erica Synths Sequential Switch V2

Erica Synths Sequential Switch V2 is a module that allows you to sequence up to eight sound sources in advanced ways or route one sound source sequentially to eight different sound modifiers – VCFs, waveshapers, VCAs, etc.

Erica Synths Tracer City

Tracer City offers analogue modulation for audio sources. Tracer City is in many ways very similar to what you might find on an old (or new) analog synthesizer. The main components are filters, an oscillator (which can also be used as an LFO) and a Psuedo-Random LFO with lag. It also has an envelope follower (with up or down response) with lag, which works very well with drums, loops, and anything else which is very percussive. Like a synthesizer, the Tracer City allows its multi-mode Filter to be controlled by two external CV sources. You can also plug audio sources into these inputs (this creates Frequency Modulation of the Filter or FM).

Erica Synths MINI-ARK

MINI-ARK is a guitar synth & tracking pedal. Think of MINI-ARK as a monophonic tracking device. This means that it works very differently on different types of sounds. For example, a monophonic guitar line is going to achieve far different results than a super compressed drum track.

Erica Synths Wow and Flutter

Inspired by beautiful malfunctions, Wow and Flutter is a versatile delay device, adding unique textures to your audio. Run stems or mixes through it to add an eerie quality. Thicken up synth parts in an instant or use it on vocals to add mystery. Or plug into your guitar to modulate to stimulate ideas.

Our View

I can only applaud Erica Synths. They decided to take action, and are trying to make a difference, when many of us feel just helpless watching the misery caused to women, men and children in the Ukraine.

By focusing on humanitarian causes, and by not just raising funds from customers but also forgoing all profits of those six modules, Erica Synths have taken an approach that surely anyone can support, provided they can afford and like the modules on offer.



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