Native Instruments adds Kontakt 7 and Ozone 7 to Komplete 14

Native Instruments Komplete 14

Native Instruments adds Kontakt 7 and Ozone 7 to Komplete 14

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Native Instruments Komplete 14

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Native Instruments announces the release of Komplete 14* on 27th September 2022

Every year, we are used to an update of Native Instruments' flag ship bundle Komplete. Komplete 14* is now more complete, with the addition of Plugin Alliance plugins and iZotope Ozone 10 Standard. Following the Soundwide Alliance announcement earlier this year, the three companies releasing together in one bundle should not surprise.

Let's look at what Native Instruments included in Komplete 14.

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First contact with Kontakt 7*

Kontakt 7 will be released in October 2022 by Native Instruments

The star of the show is Kontakt 7*. Since the release 20 years ago, Kontakt has become the de facto standard sampling engine. Most sample libraries therefore come in Kontakt format as standard, with many exclusively available on Kontakt. The details of what will be improved from Kontakt 6 are scarce.

So far, Native Instruments has released the following details:

  • Search & Preview: Search, filter, and preview sounds from across your collection in the Kontact browser.
  • Hi-Res UI: New HiDPI user interface for retina/ high DPI monitors.
  • Updated Factory Library: A revamped Factory Library with new instruments from Orchestral Tools, rare analog synths, and more.
  • Better editing & instrument building: New editing and building tools, including a new Creator Tools companion app.

Kontakt 7* will be released in October 2022, so after the initial release of Komplete on 27th September. The sampler will be included in all versions from Komplete 14 Standard upwards.

The sound of newness

Following their tried and tested release strategy, Native Instruments has included several new instruments, expansions and effects in their new Komplete 14 version:

Ashlight is a sample based instrument which comes as part of Komplete 14.
  • Choir Omnia*: A choir sample instruments based on a 40-piece vocal ensemble.
  • Lores*: A collection of organic instruments expressed through hand-played articulations, for evolving tones and textures.
  • Piano Colors*: Unusual modulations coaxed from a grand piano.
  • Ashlight*: Granular instrument made for atmospheres, rhythmic pulses, pads popular in cinematic sound design.
  • Action Strings 2*: Pre-recorded string section phrases you can adjust and change, with over 31 GB of phrases.
  • Sequis*: Sample and sequencer combination for rhythmic soundscapes.
  • SESSION GUITARIST - ELECTRIC MINT*: A sampled 1960 solid-body USA-made electric guitar, with 222 patterns.
  • SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED NYLON*: A sampled nylon-stringed guitar, with over 200 patterns.
  • SESSION BASSIST – PRIME BASS*: A sampled 70’s-style electric solid-body USA-made bass guitar, with over 350 patterns.
  • PLAYBOX: An unusual instrument built on toy samples, which includes chord generation, randomisation and more.
  • Expansions*: Up to 30 new Expansions, including the latest MASSIVE X Expansions.

What version would you like?

Komplete 14 will be available in the same four versions as Komplete 13. Here is an overview of what is included in each.

If you already own an earlier Komplete bundle, you can log into your Native Instruments account* to see all the new plugins and expansions you will get with your update.

Komplete 14 Select*

Komplete 14 Select is the cheapest version you can get.

A core selection of instruments covering synths, keyboards, pads, bass, percussion, and effects.

New additions in version 14 are Kontakt 7 Player, Soul Sessions, and 3 new Expansions. In total, Komplete 14 Select now consists of:

  • 14 instruments
  • 4 effects
  • 8 Expansions

Price: $199* (Pre-Order until 27th September 2022 release)

Komplete 14 Standard*

Komplete 14 Standard steps up the number of plugins drastically.

Standard is the most popular version, as it contains the flagship synths Kontakt and Reaktor, and seriously steps up the number of plugins included:

  • 67 instruments
  • 19 effects
  • 38 Expansions

Price: $599* (Pre-Order until 27th September 2022 release)

Komplete 14 Ultimate*

Komplete 14 is not even the Ultimate, which is reserved to the Collector's Edition.

Ultimate adds even more synths than Standard, more sampled instruments, and effects, plus a huge collection of cinematic and orchestral scoring tools:

  • 108 instruments
  • 31 effects
  • 65 Expansions

Price: $1,199* (Pre-Order until 27th September 2022 release)

Komplete 14 Collector's Edition*

You cannot get bigger than the Komplete 14 Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition gives you pretty much every software Native Instruments offers. Compared to Ultimate, the main additions are however Sound Expansions:

  • 115 instruments
  • 32 effects
  • 103 Expansions

Price: $1,799* (Pre-Order until 27th September 2022 release)

Plugin Alliance: Helping you sound a bit wider

Komplete 14 adds a few new instruments and effects from Native Instruments' Soundwide partner Plugin Alliance/Brainworx. Synths include bx_Oberhausen and Knifonium, with effect additions being LO-FI-AF, bx_Console Focusrite SC, bx_Console N, and more.

Ozone 10 Standard: Adding another layer to Komplete 14

Ozone 10 will be released on 13th September by iZotope.

If you have composed, recorded, and mixed your masterpiece using Komplete 14, you might also want to embrace mastering yourself. Luckily, Native Instruments now includes iZotope Ozone 10 Standard in the Komplete 14 bundle.

What’s new in Ozone 10 Standard:

  • Improved Master Assistant match the sound of reference files with new matching technology for tone, dynamics, and width. An updated Assistant View claims to make it faster than ever to customise your starting point, while the Tonal Balance curve should make frequency monitoring easier.
  • Magnify Soft Clip boost loudness while maintaining high fidelity audio with this new setting in the Maximizer module.
  • Recover Sides – reduce width without losing the sides with this new feature in the Imager module, which maintains stereo information in mono and helps preserve depth and power when narrowing a problem frequency.
  • Other updates include native Apple silicon support, and a refreshed look and feel of the Ozone interface.

At the time of writing, Ozone 10 has not been released yet. However, by the time Komplete 14 will be released, it will be available.

When will Komplete 14 be released?

Native Komplete 14 will be released on 27 September 2022.

Our View

I admit it. I am a big fan of Native Instruments Komplete. And always have been.

It is the brand I use most often in my productions, ever since I bought a used Kontakt 1.5, which I later cross-graded to Komplete 4. I am currently on Komplete 11 Ultimate, and have skipped any updates in recent years, and am currently on Komplete 11. The new instruments have not attracted me, compared to what the update would have cost.

So will I upgrade to Komplete 14? No, I don't think so, I will wait for now, and maybe upgrade in a future sale. Kontakt 7 looks interesting, but the updates look mostly cosmetic, or built for sample instrument creators. No other instruments or expansions look must-own.

But is Komplete 14 a good buy if you do not already own it? Yes, I think so.

Komplete 14 Standard brings such a range of highly innovative and seminal instruments, effects and sounds together. With Komplete Kontrol and the NKS protocol, the thousands of sounds across all plugins is easily accessible. And you don't have to pay the full price. You can buy Komplete cheaper than the full price, as we know from many happy readers of our guide to "the cheapest way to buy Komplete".



Introduction Trailer for Komplete 14

What's new in Komplete 14

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