Native Instruments releases new version in the series

Session Guitarist - Picked Nylon

Native Instruments releases new version in the series

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Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Nylon

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Native Instruments releases Session Guitarist Picked Nylon*, the 7th release Session Guitarist series sampled guitars. The release comes only three months after Session Guitarist Electric Vintage. Session Guitarist Picked Nylon is based on the sound of a hand-crafted nylon-stringed acoustic guitar built by Lisa Weinzierl.

In yet another collaboration with Drumasonic, the creators sampled the guitar's sound and shaped them into over 200 strummed and picked patterns, riffs, glissandi, tremolos and dead notes. Both traditional pattern styles, such as Flamenco and Tango, are included, as well as more modern ones like Rock/Pop and Electro. Using notes mapped on the keyboard, you can interactively switch articulations, patterns, endings and slides whilst playing. Individual patterns can be tweaked in note length, articulation and fret position.

Like all instruments in the Session Guitarist series*, Picked Nylon operates within the Kontakt sampler and includes two instruments – one for picked and strummed patterns, and another for creating melodies. The engine also allows you to blend three different mic signals, adjust tuning, playing style, and fret position, and includes stomp boxes, amps, cabs, and other effects.

Our View

If you are looking for more than sampled guitar phrases and lack access to a guitar player, Session Guitarist is worth a look at, covering a wide range of styles, instruments and genres. With many alternatives, including several options from the Native Instruments Session Guitarist range*, which offers Strummed Acoustic 1 + 2 and Picked Acoustic, this library does not add true innovation, but may appeal to those after a specialist option.

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The full version is available for £89*.

There is no trial version available.

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Session Guitarist Picked Nylon - walkthrough

Making of Session Guitarist Picked Nylon

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