Newfangled generators and modulation added to free Pendulate and paid Generate

Newfangled Generate & Pendulate 1.2

Newfangled generators and modulation added to free Pendulate and paid Generate

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January 21, 2022
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May 14, 2021
Newfangled Generate and Pendulate 1.2

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Generating a new version

Eventide offshoot Newfangled Audio added a host of new features to their innovative synthesizer plugin range, Generate and Pendulate. After the release of the free Pendulate in September 2020, together with the full Generate plugin, the team behind the Eventide software already updated both to version 1.2.

With Newfangled Audio being true to their name, both plugins introduced what they called chaotic oscillators. Those oscillators are based on physical modelling, creating sound from the simulated movement of a double pendulum. Generate takes this concept to the next level, by introducing 5 physically modelling oscillator types.

The new features added in version 1.2 include:

  • New oscillators (Generate only): 3 less chaotic oscillators were added, called Helix, Crescent and Magma, a welcome addition for less unpredictable and tame sounds
  • Expanded modulation (Generate and Pendulate): Looping envelopes, bipolar LFOs, modulatable modulators (risking you getting stuck in modulating vortex), modulation of the master pitch for interesting pitch changes#
  • Micro Tuning: integrating user scales so you can take pitch to a more tailored dimension
  • New presets: Newfangled Audio threw in a bunch of new presets to show off the newly added features.

Our View

What I like with Newfangled Audio plug ins is that they did not create yet another analogue emulation. With their Generate plug in, and the free Pendulate VST plug in spin off, you can create interesting and unexpected new sounds that other synths struggle to match.

So if you want to expand your sonic horizon, the new features added in Version 1.2 only make both synths more versatile and attractive. And trying them is not difficult. Pendulate is free, and Generate is available as a 30 day fully functional trial.

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Newfangled Audio Generate*

  • Limited Time Offer: $99
  • Full Price: $149
  • Education Price: $74.50 (50% off full price), following the Eventide application form
  • Trial: 30 fully functional trial is available

Newfangled Audio Pendulate: Free



Newfangled Audio Pendulate Overview

Newfangled Audio Generate Overview

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