A new sampler/synth/drum plugin, integrated into the Noiiz sample library

Noiiz Connect Pro

A new sampler/synth/drum plugin, integrated into the Noiiz sample library

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Noiiz Connect Pro

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Noiiz Connect Pro is a new synth, sampler and drum machine plugin connected to the Noiiz sample library.

The VST plugin is divided into three sections:

  1. Synth Mode: Start with selecting one of the samples from the Noiiz library, or add your own. Then shape the samples via oscillators, modulation, and effect sections.
  2. Slice Mode: Slice up loops to play individual parts, up to three slices.
  3. Drum Mode: Map up to 16 samples onto different keys to play them as a kit.

Noiiz promises subscribers easy access to over 200,000 samples in its library, and includes 300 presets to start with.

Our View

The concept of Noiiz Connect Pro reminds me of Output Arcade, as it is a plugin bolted on top of a big sample library with a subscription required.

However, unlike Connect Pro, Output Arcade is limited to loops and melodies, with few sound creation or shaping options for yourself, and no way to import your own samples.

Connect Pro has similarities with Arturia Pigments or Apple Logic Alchemy. All of them use samples as a sound source, before shaping fresh sounds through a series of oscillators, modulations and effects.

I only played for a few minutes with Connect Pro, and the presets sound high quality. The interface is clean and easy to use.

Noiiz offers a free trial, so you can explore Connect Pro yourself.

Connect Pro costs $69 during the introductory period (which is not clearly specified), so we asked Noiiz to confirm. The full price thereafter is a staggering $199. This looks expensive.

While you don't have to pay a subscription to use Noiiz Connect Pro, in order to get the most value from this VST plugin, you have to subscribe to Noiiz as well. And this is at least another $5 a month on top.


Noiiz Connect Pro synth/sampler/drum plug in:

  • Free Trial: During the launch period
  • Introductory Price: $69
  • Full Price: $199

If you have a subscription with Noiiz, you get full access to the Noiiz library direct from the plugin. Without a subscription, you can download up to 50MB of sound content and add your own sounds.

Connect ships with 300 presets, with new expansions promised.



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