Resonance suppressor for Avid Venue S6L and HDX platforms

oeksound Soothe Live

Resonance suppressor for Avid Venue S6L and HDX platforms

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oeksound Soothe Live

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Introducing Soothe Live: oeksound's Innovative Resonance Suppressor for Live Mixing

Helsinki-based audio plug-in company, oeksound, known for its commitment to developing innovative sound mixing and mastering tools, has recently announced its venture into the live mixing environment. The company has expanded its acclaimed technology behind Soothe and Soothe2 into the Avid Venue S6L and HDX platforms, delivering its first live mixing plug-in: Soothe Live.

Tailored to Avid Venue S6L System

Soothe Live is a dynamic resonance suppressor designed to automatically detect resonances and apply the required reduction. It is specifically optimized for live settings and is fully adapted to work seamlessly with the Avid VENUE S6L system. The plug-in is also compatible with the Pro Tools environment when used in conjunction with an HDX card.

Key Features

With an impressively low latency of 0.66 ms (roundtrip latency of 0.99 ms) and intuitive touchscreen usability, Soothe Live is ideal for live mixing. It is equally effective on individual channels and busses, helping control unwanted resonances and uneven tonal balance. From softening overly bright instruments and treating the proximity effect in vocals to reducing muddiness, Soothe Live offers solutions to common live mixing challenges.

User Experience

The user interface, featuring a new parameterization, is specifically designed for a fast and intuitive live mixing experience. Touchscreen optimization, including touch gesture integration, facilitates and speeds up the mixing process. The extent of resonance reduction applied in each frequency area can be separately adjusted using any of the six frequency bands.

Our View

Soothe Live is an interesting extension of oeksound's Soothe and Soothe2 technologies into live mixing. The plug-in's low latency and touchscreen-friendly design make it ideal for high-pressure, live situations. Its versatility and dynamic resonance suppression ability could be a game-changer in addressing common live audio challenges. However, the price is steep, and as with any new tech, its full potential can only be realized through hands-on usage and adapting to its unique features and workflow. Luckily, there is a 20 day trial available.

We're optimistic about the potential this tool has to offer to live sound engineers, and look forward to seeing how it is received by the industry.


Soothe Live is available for the Avid Venue S6L and HDX systems at a retail price

  • €899
  • $899
  • £799

An active Avid S6L support plan also includes a one-year evaluation license for Soothe Live.

For those interested in trying out Soothe Live, a 20-day trial is available.



oeksound Soothe Live

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