A New Standard for Single Fader Controllers?

Solid State Logic UF1 DAW Control Centre

A New Standard for Single Fader Controllers?

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Solid State Logic UF1 DAW Control Centre Single Fader Controller

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UF1: A New Addition to the SSL Family

Solid State Logic, a well-established name in the music technology industry, has recently announced the release of the UF1 DAW Control Centre. This single fader controller is designed to provide music creators with an enhanced level of control over their DAW environment, aiming to streamline both technical and creative processes.

The UF1 DAW Control Centre: An Overview

The UF1 DAW Control Centre is a single fader control surface that aims to provide comprehensive control of a DAW. It integrates SSL’s renowned advanced workflow into in-the-box productions. The UF1 is equipped with a premium 100 mm motorized fader, dual high-resolution displays, soft-feel durable rubber keys, and a weighted jog wheel, all encased in a robust metal chassis.

The UF1 offers extensive control of a DAW’s pans, sends, plug-ins and more, with the added ability to customise 46 soft keys to suit individual workflows. It also provides clear visual feedback and integrates seamlessly with the new SSL Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° software.

SSL's Perspective

Andy Jackson, SSL Studio Senior Product Manager, has expressed that the company's focus on 'advanced workflow' has been integral to the design of the UF1. He suggests that the UF1, particularly when combined with UF8 and UC1, presents a powerful virtual SSL Console.

Multi-DAW Control with UF1

The UF1 has the capability to control up to 3 DAWs simultaneously and is compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, and Pyramix. It features dedicated transport controls and a weighted jog/scrub wheel for efficient navigation, even in large sessions.

Visual Feedback and Integration

The UF1's dual high-resolution displays provide real-time visual feedback of DAW track names, parameters, time display, the SSL Meter plug-in and 360°-enabled channel strips in the SSL Plug-in Mixer.

Picture of SSL UF1 single fader control interface
The hi-resolution interface is flexible to show meters, stereo imaging or EQ parameters.

Complementing the SSL Range

The UF1 can function independently or can be paired with UF8 for a more comprehensive SSL DAW control experience. It also serves as a hardware expansion for the UC1 SSL plug-in controller, providing fader control and easy access to SSL 360°-enabled channel strip parameters.

Our View

The UF1 DAW Control Centre is a promising addition to Solid State Logic's line-up, offering a new level of control and integration. As with any new product, its impact and effectiveness will become clearer as it is adopted and used within the music production industry.


The SSL UF1 available now and the recommended retail price is £499| $699 |€599.

We found that some retailers sell the SSL UF1 at a discount:

Each UF1 purchase includes a perpetual licence for the new SSL Meter Plug-in and a six-month trial of SSL Complete.



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