Mangling space and time in one plugin

Spectral Plugins Spacer modulating reverb

Mangling space and time in one plugin

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Spectral Plugins Spacer

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Spectral Plugins Unveils Spacer: A Modular Multi-Effects Station for Sonic Exploration

Spectral Plugins, a recent entry into the music technology industry from Poland, has recently launched Spacer, a modular multi-effects station designed to unite time and space, offering users a platform for sonic exploration.

Spectral Plugins Spacer screen shot with 6 modules
Spectral Plugins Spacer includes several reverb and grain delay modules.

About Spacer

Spacer is a multi-effects station that provides a foundation for adding depth and expansiveness to your sound. It features a classic algorithmic reverb with a wide range of controls, allowing users to dial in some initial size or position it at the end of a chain to maximize lushness.

Key Features

Spacer boasts three types of reverbs (Algorithmic, Convolution, Grain), two types of delays (Simple, Grain), and a fluid modular system with reorderable effects. It also includes 150 global presets, 200 module presets, and a two-band EQ per module. The granular engine with pitch-shifting technology is provided by Zynaptiq ZXT LE.

The Spacer also includes a Chorus module with up to seven voices, LFO rate, Separation, Feedback, and Spread controls. It comes with 110 impulse responses, or users can load their own. Additional features include a 'Dimension Expander' chorus effect, a Haas stereo effect, and controls for Saturation, Presence, and Air.

Our View

As with any new product, the effectiveness and impact of Spacer will become clearer as it is adopted and used within the music production industry. It certainly promises to be an interesting take on spatial plugins, offering a new combination control and integration.

Similar plugins are available, with two coming to mind specifically:

If you still like the sound of Spectral Spacer and want to try it out, there is a free 7 day trial available. Not a generous amount of time but it should be enough to decide whether you are willing to pay $119 for it, a significant amount of money.


Spectral Spacer is available now.


  • Full Price: $119
  • Free Trial: A 7-day trial is available.



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