Spitfire Audio adds folk instruments recorded in Scotland to cinematic scores

Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice

Spitfire Audio adds folk instruments recorded in Scotland to cinematic scores

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Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice

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Spitfire Audio introduces a folk instrument library with literally bells and whistles

Starting recorded life in Scotland’s Castlesound Studios outside of Edinburgh, ALBION SOLSTICE brings modern, folk, and heritage instruments to the composers' computers. Based in un-noted traditions that passed down the generations, Spitfire Audio captured a wide range of instruments, sounds and textures in this new 73GB KONTAKT library.

Masterminded by Spitfire Audio co-founder and composer Christian Henson, the library was created over a two year period. You can imagine the sounds fitting into both traditional and modern film, TV and game scores. Suffice to say that in true Spitfire Audio tradition, this is not a library that looks to faithfully recreate ancient instruments. The Spitfire Audio team have captured performances from players proficient with folk instruments, and treated the raw sounds captured into a range of modern KONTAKT instruments.

Instruments recorded for the library include Celtic band instruments, strings, brass, choir, percussion, played by specialised players from a cross-section of classic, folk, Celtic, Gallic, and other traditions. Not stopping to include old instruments, Christian Henson and his team also added modern instrumentation such as analogue synthesisers, Eurorack modular, electric guitar textures, tuned percussion, and audio processing.

One of the heritage instruments recorded for Spitfire Audio ALBION SOLSTICE

Instruments are grouped into three sections

  1. The Solstice Orchestra: 10 ensembles and a soloist, 235 articulations, 78 of which are found in the two string sections, including legatos. Instruments include electric and acoustic guitars, a choir, bells & whistles (yes indeed !), traditional and classic strings, brass, winds and percussion.
  2. The Cassette Orchestra: Over 700 tape-warped, effected sounds, that the user can manipulate using a dedicated interface called eDNA, also used in other Spitfire Audio libraries. Instruments used in this section include the Korg MS-20, Moog Prodigy, Roland Juno-6, Roland Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-6. The synths were further textured using tape machines and effects such as Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, OTO Machines BAM, Strymon NightSky.
  3. The Drone Grid: Drones offering textural evolutions over a long time, using Spitfire Audio's EVO Grid interface which promises to make the creation of evolving long notes easier.

ALBION SOLSTICE runs in Native Instruments’ free KONTAKT PLAYER application, and will therefore work in Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, and other DAWs.

Our View

I have to say upfront that I own several Spitfire Audio libraries, including ALBION ONE, which was my first orchestral sample library. However I have noticed an explosion in Spitfire Audio libraries in recent years, so any new sample library will need to bring something special to a saturated sample library market for media composers.

Spitfire Audio ALBION SOLSTICE has the potential to achieve that. Whilst there are niche libraries of exotic instruments in KONTAKT format aplenty, I am not aware of such an extensive library based on folk instruments. With an endless search for new sound scapes for film, games and media, bringing ancient instruments with authentic performances to the masses is a worthwhile endeavour. Mixing both traditional techniques and compositions with more modern playing styles, sampling and recording techniques only widens the sound palette that composers will have at their disposal.

Whilst ALBION SOLSTICE is not cheap by any means, I can just imagine that we will soon be hearing its sounds in historic factual programmes, dramas or games set in unusual worlds, let alone offering plenty of inspiration for less obvious genres.

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  • Introductory Price (until 15 July 2021): £299 | $349 | €349
  • Introductory Price for owners of another ALBION library (until 15 July 2021): £194.35 | $226.85 | €226.85
  • Education Price (40% off from 1st September until 31st October every year only) £239.40 | $269.40 | €269.40
  • Full Price (from 16 July 2021): £399 | $449 | €449



Walkthrough 1: Solstice Orchestra

Walkthrough 2: Cassette Orchestra

Walkthrough 3: Drone Grid

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