The lucky 13th edition adds a custom vocal chain, enhanced mix console, and more

Steinberg Cubase 13 - a new DAWn

The lucky 13th edition adds a custom vocal chain, enhanced mix console, and more

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Steinberg Cubase 13

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Steinberg Elevates Music Production with new features in Cubase 13

Steinberg has once again hit a high note with the release of Cubase 13, a significant update to its award-winning music production software. With a user interface facelift, new features, and workflow enhancements, Cubase 13 promises to keep your creativity flowing seamlessly.

What's New in Cubase 13?
  • Revamped MixConsole: The MixConsole sports a sleek, streamlined design, focusing on mixing essentials.
  • VocalChain Plug-in: Elevate your vocal recordings with professional processing steps combined in one plug-in.
  • Enhanced MIDI Editors: New features streamline composition workflows, including an advanced Range Selection tool.
  • Chord Pads Redesign: Find creative chord progressions effortlessly with the enhanced Chord Pads.
  • Iconica Sketch: A compact 5 GB orchestral library with 140 articulations for 34 instruments.

These features, among others, mark a significant leap from Cubase 12, offering more intuitive and natural music creation.

Cubase 13 vs. The Competition
  • Logic Pro: While Logic Pro excels in its seamless integration with Apple devices, Cubase 13 stands out with its cross-platform compatibility and extensive feature set.
  • Ableton: Known for its live performance capabilities, Ableton may appeal to electronic music creators. However, Cubase 13 offers a broader range of tools suitable for various genres.
  • FL Studio: While FL Studio is favoured for its simplicity, Cubase 13 provides a more comprehensive and professional environment.
  • Pro Tools: Pro Tools is renowned for its audio editing capabilities, but Cubase 13 brings a balanced approach to both MIDI and audio.

Our View

Cubase 13 brings a plethora of features that can genuinely enhance the music production experience. The VocalChain plug-in and the redesigned Chord Pads are not just marketing gimmicks but practical tools that can aid musicians in their creative process.

The price tag of €579 or $579.99 for Cubase Pro 13 is hefty, compared to Logic Pro in particular. However, Cubase offers a comprehensive set of tools that should justify the investment for many users. Cheaper options are also available with Artist and Elements editions.

We recommend trying Cubase 13 for yourself to assess its capabilities. Steinberg offers a free trial for users to explore the software.


  • Cubase Pro 13: Available now at €579 or $579.99.
  • Cubase Artist 13: Priced at €329 or $329.99.
  • Cubase Elements 13: Available for €99.99 or $99.99.

Introductory Offers: Users who activated Cubase 12 from August 23, 2023, are eligible for a free update to Cubase 13.



What's new in Cubase 13

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