Wave Alchemy is trying to improve on drum plugins, and adds 10,000 drum samples.

Wave Alchemy TRIAZ drum plugin

Wave Alchemy is trying to improve on drum plugins, and adds 10,000 drum samples.

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Wave Alchemy TRIAZ

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Try TRIAZ, or try again?

Wave Alchemy, the creator of sample packs and Kontakt instruments, conceived a new drum plugin called TRIAZ. As specialists in drum samples and plugins, its maker claims to have spent three years on the development. Fuelled by 10,000 new drum samples the company recorded and shaped, the plugin then takes the samples through effect chains. Yet you can also load your own samples.

At the heart of TRIAZ is the sequencer. With 32 steps on 12 drum sample lanes, a few clicks will turn samples into rhythms. You won't miss many tools when you are after adding grooves and variations. From swing, to chance, to stutter, most are selectable for every step individually. And if you run out of ideas, there is always the randomisation option. Patterns can be easily exported into your DAW of choice using drag and drop.

The 3GB drum sample library was created using classic drum machines like Roland 808, Akai MPC, but also acoustic drums and percussion, modular synths, found sounds and foley. The Wave Alchemy team then turned their attention to spicing the raw samples into hard hitting sounds. If that is not enough, you can first layer up to 3 samples, before adding a range of insert, send and master effects. Effects encompass filter, EQ, compressor, reverb, delay, and tape. That sounds like owners will have plenty to chew on.

Noteworthy highlights of Wave Alchemy TRIAZ:

  • Presets: 600 presets of patterns and drum samples combined
  • Drum Sample Engine: 3 sample layers, with an extensive effect chain: 5 insert effects per channel, 3 sends, 5 master effects
  • X-Y Pad: Change sounds on the fly
  • Sample Browser: Tag based sample browsing to help you wade through the humongous sample library
  • Sequencer: 32 steps, 12 lanes, with polyrhythmic sequences, swing and groove settings
  • Import: Ability to import your own samples

TRIAZ is available in Standalone, VST, AU andAAX formats. It is powered by the free Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. The full version of Kontakt is not required.

Wave Alchemy doesn't hide away their samples. You have full access to all 10,000 WAV samples. That is rare and needs to be applauded. Bravo.

Our View

In full disclosure, I have bought several Wave Alchemy products over the years. The collection includes Drum Tools 1 and Drum Tools 2* sample packs, drum plugins Revolution*, Evolution and Drumvolution*, and last but not least Bassynth*.

The demos sound punchy and powerful. The interface looks clear and easy to use. The library is massive, with abundant layering and sound shaping you can add on top.

However, let's not forget Wave Alchemy has plenty of competition. The closest alternative in my mind is XLN Audio XO*. I own and use XO a lot in my productions, in particular the excellent sample manager, and the punchy drum library. The TRIAZ browser does not seem as intuitive and comprehensive. At the same time, I found the XO sequencer too limited. This is where TRIAZ could have an advantage.

My Wave Alchemy experience also means the bar is high. I expect quality from Wave Alchemy, so I hope that once I get my hands on TRIAZ, it won't disappoint.


Wave Alchemy TRIAZ

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