Waves Audio extends Nx plugin series to help mix on headphones anywhere

Waves Audio Nx Germano Studios New York

Waves Audio extends Nx plugin series to help mix on headphones anywhere

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Waves Audio Nx Germano Studios New York

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Can you simulate a top-class studio in your headphones?

That is the bold claim Waves Audio* makes. The company measured the Germano Studios acoustics, and used its Nx spatial audio technology to emulate the control room's acoustic responses across various monitoring options.

  1. NS10 near-fields
  2. Custom Exigy S412G four-way system with dual 18-inch subwoofers; and the Germano Acoustics A2s.
  3. Surround monitoring system: Germano’s 5.1 system, equipped with five Germano Acoustics A2 speakers and subwoofer.

The pedigree of the real studio, which famously used to be called The Hit Factory, is unquestionably stellar. From Stevie Wonder to Kenrick Lamar, Post Malone to the Rolling Stones, David Bowie to Kanye West, Germano Studios have captured perfect performances and magic mixes for nearly five decades.

This Waves Nx Germano Studios* plugin claims to provide an acoustically balanced mixing environment on any set of headphones. This should help producers and engineers make better judgments about mix depth, low end, panning, effects, and make it easier for mixes to translate across many systems.

Already available in the Waves Nx plugin series are two other studios:

Our View

It makes sense for Waves Audio to expand the Nx spatial technology* to more plugins. Injecting the magic of Germano Studio ambience makes the plugin more attractive. With Apple Spatial Audio making surround sound more accessible, plugins simulating surround speakers on headphones will play their role,

After initial testing of Waves Audio Nx Germano Studios* plugin, the effect was noticeable. The strongest effect in terms of spatial positioning I achieved when selecting Studio Rotate. Using my Sony WH-1000 MX3 noise-cancelling headphones, it convincingly sounded as if I was turning 360 degrees in a studio.

The three settings GA2, NS-10M and Exigy imparted strong frequency spectrum differences, but I failed to hear strong spatial differences.

In the end, I have to be honest and don't think this plugin will replace my setup for mixing. For me, there is no other way than mixing on speakers you are familiar with, and then listening on several other systems, from headphones to phones, laptops, cars, and more.


Introductory Price: $29.99*

Demo: Available on the Waves website*.




Overview: Studio and Plugin

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