Waves releases CR8 Creative Sampler for $9 and FREE COSMOS AI Sample Finder

Waves CR8 Sampler + COSMOS Sample Finder

Waves releases CR8 Creative Sampler for $9 and FREE COSMOS AI Sample Finder

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June 15, 2023
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Waves CR8 Creative Sampler and COSMOS AI Sample Finder

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A new free sample finder from Waves, and an ultra cheap sampling plugin.

Waves Audio released two new plugins. And they sound surprisingly new and fresh, and not another emulation:

Waves COSMOS Sample Finder*

The Waves COSMOS Sample Finder interface focuses your attention on search and filtering.

COSMOS claims to be the first sample finder to use advanced neural network technologies to analyse, auto-tag, and sort sample libraries – one-shots and entire loops – into a unified easy-to-search database.

The new free Waves plugin does not rely on the sample file names, but instead analyses the audio to categorise and tag them automatically. The sample library is presented in 3 different views: Waveform, List, and the Cosmos view. You can filter and search all your one-shots and loops by instrument, BPM, key, and even sonic characteristics such as brightness, saturation, and dynamics.

For example, the search function allows you to just type “distorted” and “kick” into COSMOS, and all your distorted kicks will show up, no matter what the samples are actually named. You can easily audition your samples from within COSMOS, with just one click. Then just drag-and-drop the sample you want straight from COSMOS into your sampler or DAW. COSMOS can open as a standalone app, or from within the Waves CR8 Sampler.

As a bonus, COSMOS comes pre-packed with over 2500 one-shots and loops.

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler*

Waves CR8 Sampler has a clean interface focused on modulations.

CR8 is a new sampler with 8 layers, focused on creativity and sound manipulation.

The Waves plugin includes:

  • 5 stretching algorithms that allow separate manipulation of pitch and time
  • 8 sample layers with automatic BPM & root detection
  • Mixer to easily blend layers
  • Group filtering
  • Creative modulation station that allows you to drag-and-drop 4 LFO/Sequencer modulators and 4 ADSR envelopes onto virtually any CR8 sampler control.

CR8 also smoothly integrates with the Waves COSMOS Sample Finder. You can open COSMOS directly from within the sampler, and easily search and audition all your samples in the context of your session.

Our View

Well that is how you make waves. The company took us by surprise by not just releasing a free alternative to Loopcloud 6 and ADSR Sound Sample Manager. I expect the quality to be high, with the AI enabling a high quality tagging. I like Loopcloud 6 and found the software good at auto-tagging, and ADSR Sample Manager is free another good option. It will be interesting to test all 3 side by side soon.

The sampler Waves CR8 was another surprise. Waves is best known for its effect plugin bundles, not for creating instruments. Therefore, we cannot wait to try out how Waves' foray into sampler plugins stands up against the many alternatives, from built-in Logic, FL Studio and Ableton samplers, to Native Instruments Kontakt and Form, to UVI Falcon.

More to my surprise, Waves made COSMOS available for FREE* at launch, increasing this now to a palatable $14.99. And Waves CR8 Creative Sampler is available for only $9.99* during the initial introductory sale, which is affordable for most.

Thanks Waves !


Waves COSMOS Sample FInder*:

  • Full Price: $29.99
  • Sale Price: $14.99

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler*

  • Full Price: $34.99
  • Sale Price: $9.99



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Waves CR8 Creative Sampler Introduction

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