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Spitfire Audio is a renowned company specializing in the creation of high-quality virtual instruments and sample libraries for music production, film scoring, and sound design. Founded in 2007 by composers Christian Henson and Paul Thomson, Spitfire Audio has collaborated with renowned artists, composers, and engineers to develop a wide range of innovative and inspiring products. In this overview, we'll discuss the company's product offerings, collaborations, educational resources, and more.

Product Offerings

Spitfire Audio offers an extensive range of virtual instruments and sample libraries designed to cater to various music production and sound design needs. Some of their most popular products include:

BBC Symphony Orchestra

The BBC Symphony Orchestra is a comprehensive orchestral sample library that provides users with the ability to compose and produce realistic orchestral music, recorded at the iconic Maida Vale Studios.

Hans Zimmer Strings

Hans Zimmer Strings is a collaboration with the legendary film composer, offering an extensive collection of string samples recorded by expert musicians and engineered by the acclaimed Geoff Foster.

Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit

In collaboration with Icelandic composer and producer Ólafur Arnalds, this toolkit provides a unique collection of sounds and textures designed to inspire creativity and evoke emotions.


Spitfire Audio is known for its collaborations with renowned composers, artists, and musicians, resulting in a diverse range of unique and inspiring products. Some notable collaborators include:

  • Hans Zimmer
  • Ólafur Arnalds
  • BT
  • Eric Whitacre
  • London Contemporary Orchestra

Educational Resources

Spitfire Audio provides a wealth of educational resources designed to help users get the most out of their products. Resources include:

  • How To Write Music: A comprehensive guide on composing and producing music, covering topics such as melody, harmony, and orchestration.
  • Tutorials: A collection of video tutorials that cover various aspects of Spitfire Audio products, from composing tips to technical walkthroughs.

Support and Community

Spitfire Audio offers extensive support resources for their products, including product manuals, FAQs, and a responsive customer support team. Additionally, Spitfire Audio has a vibrant and active user community that can be found on their community forum, where users can exchange ideas, share tips and tricks, and discuss Spitfire Audio products.


Spitfire Audio is a leading developer of high-quality virtual instruments and sample libraries for music production, film scoring, and sound design. With a diverse range of products and a strong focus on collaborations with renowned artists and composers, Spitfire Audio continues to inspire and empower musicians, producers, and sound designers worldwide. Offering extensive educational resources and a supportive user community, Spitfire Audio provides users with the tools and knowledge needed to elevate their creative projects.

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