Arturia adds 7 new FX plug ins including bus compressor, chorus and phaser

Arturia FX Collection 2

Arturia adds 7 new FX plug ins including bus compressor, chorus and phaser

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Arturia FX Collection 2

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Arturia's new Summer Collection comes into full effect

Only a year after the release of its new FX Collection range, Arturia released a major update to FX Collection 2. Version 2 adds 7 new FX plugins to now boast 22 modules. New effects include emulations of a Roland Juno Chorus, Neve 33609 bus compressor, and Mu-Tron Bi-Phase pedal.

The 7 new modules included in Arturia FX Collection 2 are:

  • Bus Force: a parallel master processor with filter, EQ, compressor, saturation, and built-in spectrum meter
  • Comp DIODE-609: a Neve 33609 style compressor, with limiter, stereo processor, side chain and mid-side processing
  • EQ SITRAL-295: an equalizer modelled on the Siemens Sitral EQ from the 1970s, with high/ low pass, mid-side processing, spectrum meter, and character settings
  • Chorus Dimension-D: an emulation of the classic Roland Dimension D chorus, with extended features compared to the original, such as LFO shapes and spatial character
  • Phaser Bi-Tron: modelling the MU-TRON Bi-Phase phaser pedal, offering dual 12 stage phaser circuit and LFO controls
  • Flanger BL-20: a flanger which offers complex modulations through multi-stage envelopes, three modulation sources and a stereo enhance
  • Chorus JUN-6: the classic Roland 6 BBD (bucket brigade delay) chorus in a simple effect plugin, which is known to widen the sound
Arturia V Collection 9: newly released in May 2022, it adds 4 new instruments, including the epic Korg MS-20

Additional features include a new preamp for the TAPE-201 Roland Galaxy tape delay emulation, improved tutorials built into the plugin, 200 new presets within a new preset browser, and compatibility with the NKS standard for inclusion in Native Instruments Komplete and Maschine eco system.

Bus Force, an original master bus compressor now included in Arturia FX Collection 2

Our View

Arturia are not only well known for its analog hardware such as MicroBrute, MicroFreak, or recent PolyBrute. The company has also been using its TAE technology to great effect, creating convincing analog emulation of classic synths and samplers in its V Collection, recently update to version 8.

Since the release in 2020, the FX Collection has taken Arturia's expertise into the effect plug in world. The demos released sound enticing, and with a wider range of effects now included, this package offers a serious competition to the undisputed sheriff in town when it comes to effect emulations - Soundtoys*.

But which one is the better buy? Now I might be biased as an owner of Soundtoys Bundle. I feel Soundtoys has the edge over FX Collection 2, with a wider range of options, at a similar price. Having said that, each module in the Arturia FX Collection 2 is available as a demo (limited to 20 minutes and no loading/ saving). So if you want to add a bit of spice and character to your sounds, why not give the demos a try ?

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