Arturia adds Korg MS-20, Ensoniq SQ-80, and two hybrid sampling plugins

Arturia V Collection 9

Arturia adds Korg MS-20, Ensoniq SQ-80, and two hybrid sampling plugins

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Arturia V Collection 9

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Arturia V Collection 9 adds Korg MS-20 V, Ensoniq SQ-80 V, two hybrid sample based plugins

The ninth edition of Arturia's V Collection software package adds 4 new instrument emulations to the stable:

  1. Korg MS-20 V: The classic mono synth in another plugin offering, surprisingly carrying the official Korg brand endorsement
  2. SQ-80 V: a plugin based on the Ensoniq SQ-80
  3. Augmented Strings and Augmented Voices: new hybrid instruments blending samples and synth engines

Not stopping there, Arturia revamped a few plugins already included in V Collection 8:

  1. CS-80 V 4: Arturia rebuilt this plugin inspired by the Yamaha CS-80
  2. Prophet-5 V: Now enhanced and rebuilt Sequential Prophet 5 plugin
  3. Prophet-VS V: The wavetable hardware now reborn in plugin format
  4. Piano V 3: Improved engine for more realism

Finally, Arturia created 14 new sound sets to show off the new and revamped plugins to its full potential. Together with the existing sound banks, the presets have swollen to a humongous 14,000 presets.

Arturia V Collection 9: Korg MS-20 V

This little mono synth has been in the focus in recent years, after decades away from the limelight. Korg released the full sized Korg MS-20 FS, and recently the Korg MS-20 mini. Clone masters Behringer also offers the Behringer K-2, which is more than inspired by the Korg MS-20.

When it comes to software emulations, Korg offers its own Korg Collection, which includes the MS-20. This fact made us even more surprised that Arturia gained an official endorsement for its own Korg MS-20 plugin.

Arturia V Collection 9: SQ-80 V

If you are after those fashionable 80s vibes, the SQ-80 V plugin could be right down your alley. Fashioned after the Ensoniq SQ-80, the plugin packs digital waveforms into the sound engine to produce wiry and cutting sounds.

Arturia V Collection 9: Augmented Strings and Augmented Voices

Arturia must be slowly but surely running out of vintage synths and samplers to emulate in plugin formats. With the Augmented series, the French software company plots a new path into sampled based sound engines running through synth sound stages.

Like the name says, Augmented Strings is based on string samples, a bit like Output Analog Strings, and Augmented Voices sounds like the concept behind Output Exhale.

Our View

We are big fans of Arturia and the V Collection. This should come as no surprise, as V Collection 8 made it into our 10 Best Plugins from 2012 to 2022. Both the Korg MS-20 and SQ-80 are welcome additions, and it is great to see that Arturia continues to innovate with new engines, rather than just focusing on vintage hardware emulations.

We look forward to get our hands on the new instruments and try them for ourselves.

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Arturia V Collection 9 Prices

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  • Upgrade Price: Log into your account for a personal upgrade price. From V Collection 7, I can confirm the upgrade to V Collection 9 is $299 or €299. Upgrade



Arturia Korg-MS 20 V Tutorial

Arturia Augmented Strings Tutorial

Arturia Augmented Voices Tutorial

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