Update adds harmonic oscillator, new wavetables, filter and presets

Arturia Pigments 3 launched

Update adds harmonic oscillator, new wavetables, filter and presets

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Arturia Pigments 3

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Arturia adds more colour to Pigments

French company Arturia has been busy this year. Following its release of Arturia V Collection 8 in January, and its new analog poly synth Polybrute, now Pigments 2 has just been updated to version 3.

What Arturia calls a "polychrome synthesizer", Pigments 3 has benefits from technologies within Arturia's software division, such as filter from its Roland Jupiter 8 emulation Jup-8 V, and increased the sonic options available.

The new additions in the Pigments 3 update include:

  • Harmonic oscillator: an additive oscillator, called harmonic engine, has been added to its existing 4 oscillators wavetable, virtual analog, sample/ granular and utility
  • Utility Engine: Extended functions for the extra oscillator available in Pigments 2
  • 64 new wavetables: adding metallic and more aggressive timbres
  • 4 new effects: adding pitch shift, delay and flanger FX
  • Jup-8 V filter: adding the resonant filter from Arturia's Roland Jupiter 8 emulation
  • 200 new presets: extending the preset library from 1,200 to 1,400

If you want to hear and see more about the new features in Arturia Pigments 3, the company also released 5 new tutorials to explain the new harmonic engine, the utility engine, the multi-band compressor, and pitch-shift delay.

Arturia V Collection 9: newly released in May 2022, it adds 4 new instruments, including the epic Korg MS-20

Our View

Pigments 2 wasn't exactly lacking features. It had 4 sound engines, an extensive FX section, and was known for its wide range of modulation options, made accessible via a visual and interactive interface.

But as the update is free for existing users, this is a welcome addition of possibilities for those who already own Pigments 2. And with the 50% off for a limited time, at €99 Pigments 3 is a good option to add an all round synth plugin to your sonic palette. Pigments 3 can rival the ubiquitous Serum or Native Instruments Massive with its wave tables and modulations, or specialist synths such as U-He Diva with its analog filters and oscillators.

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For new users, Pigments 3 is available at 50% off for €99 (instead of €199) for a limited period. Until 3 May 2021, this also includes the Spectrum Sound Pack at no additional cost.

Splice offers an interesting option of rent-to-own for $9.99 per month for Pigments 3*. This option spreads the cost over 20 months, after which you fully own the plugin.

For existing users, the update to Pigments 3 for Pigments 2 users is free - just log in to your account, or use the Arturia Software Center.



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