Waves Magma Springs plugin offers a blend of nostalgia and innovation

Waves Magma Springs: A Dive into the Depths of Reverb

Waves Magma Springs plugin offers a blend of nostalgia and innovation

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Waves Magma Springs

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The Magic of Spring Reverb

Spring reverb is a sound that's both nostalgic and timeless. It can make some things sound vintage, and other things sound fresh. Its metallic twang has defined eras, and its springy resonance adds a personal touch to mixes that you need to hear. Some reverbs melt into the mix, while others boast a distinctive character. Spring reverb does both. Once it’s on, you can no longer imagine the part without it. This could explain its cult following since the 1950s.

Introducing Magma Springs

Waves Audio, a name that needs no introduction in the world of audio plugins, has introduced Magma Springs, a collection of their seven favourite types of spring reverb.

The plugin models seven spring reverb units, each delivering its own sound, character, and impact:

  1. 50’s takes us back to the birth of Rock & Roll. Tap into the melancholic side of old Memphis Blues records with this type.
  2. Twang offers that Tele-into-Vox sound that simply can’t be described any other way.
  3. Motor City has serious size and weight and epitomizes that ‘old-school’ Soul and R&B sound.
  4. Classic gives you that big, warm and versatile spring reverb sound that can make almost any element sit beautifully in the mix.
  5. California is about maximum vibe. Its brighter tone makes vocals float gorgeously above the mix.
  6. Heavy sounds as if you were to strum a Les Paul into a blown-out Fender cabinet in a large hangar.
  7. Dark Space is based on a well-loved hardware unit, this spring reverb type is the essential sound of Dub, and will send any production element lightyears away.

Magma Springs is driven by the analog Magma tube sound, with a workflow offering easy results. With pre-delay and feedback controls, it opens up more creative FX options.

Comparable Spring Reverbs

While Magma Springs offers a unique take on spring reverb, there are several other plugins on the market that offer similar functionality. These include:

Paid-for spring reverb plugins:

Free spring reverb plugins:

Each of these plugins offers its own unique take on spring reverb, and may be worth considering as alternatives to Magma Springs.

Our View

While Waves Audio's marketing language paints a vivid picture of Magma Springs, it's important to cut through the hype and assess the plugin for what it actually does.

The plugin certainly offers a wide range of spring reverb types, each with its own unique character. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for musicians and producers working in a variety of genres. However, it's worth noting that the quality of the modelled spring reverbs and the effectiveness of the analog Magma tube sound will ultimately depend on the user's specific needs and preferences.

We encourage musicians to try Magma Springs for themselves to see if it meets their needs. A free trial is available, allowing users to experience the plugin's features firsthand.


Magma Springs is available now*:

  • Full Price: $149
  • Introductory Price: $39.99 (73% saving)
  • Free Trial

Magma Springs is also included in the Waves Ultimate subscription*:

  • Waves Ultimate subscription: $24.99



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